The Face of the Universe: A Short Story Collection

From the near-future to distant space, this compilation of science fiction and fantasy short stories explore meaning, spirituality, collective responsibility, art, and life.

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All Hail the Pirate Queen: A Hooded Short Story

Before the events of Hooded, young Iara fights for the throne of her floating kingdom.

But can a pirate really become a queen?

A short story set in the world of Ferren.

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A Separate After: Short Story

When a young preacher arrives on a solar satellite, determined to stop people from disappearing into a massive computer program linked to a mysterious alien race, Nadine thinks she’s ready for what awaits her. But her deepest beliefs will be tested and she may not be prepared for how this experience will change her.

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Heartsick: A Short Story

In a future where being unhealthy is illegal, a young doctor must decide between love and the technology she’s spent her whole career fighting to believe in.

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Holy: An Oral History of the Salvacin Epidemic

In the not-so-distant future, the opiate epidemic has spun wildly out of control. Desperate to turn the tides of addiction, a group of scientists invent Salvacin, a hallucinogenic drug that seems like a miracle. With a ninety-five percent success rate, what’s not to love?

What they don’t know is that the drug’s side effects will change human nature as we know it.

Told as a retroactive series of interviews with the major figures of the Salvacin Epidemic, Holy explores brain chemistry, faith, and what might happen if we knew, with complete certainty, that God was real.

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The Finite Magic of Little Monsters: A Short Story

A short story about the cost of chasing dreams.

Hanna’s wanted to take the Exam at Guildhall since she was a little girl. She longs to be one of the Coven’s chosen, to have her magic sponsored and shared with the world, to be validated. But when her acceptance letter finally arrives, it’s only the beginning. Hanna must prove her worth, or else risk losing the very magic she treasures.

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